I just changed hosting companies for this site. I had been with Site5 for a long time, but they were getting to be extremely disappointing due to excessive downtime. VERY excessive downtime, if you get my drift. I had more than 60 hours down recently.

So I decided to go with HostGator. It took a while to get things going on their side, due to some minor complications, but it’s all running well now.

But what caught me off guard was how fast the DNS propagated. I’m used to it being 24-48 hours. I switched the DNS yesterday afternoon, and it appears that things were pointing to the new server within about 8 hours.

I wasn’t expecting that. Lost a couple forum posts, but not too bad at all.

But things are up and appear to be running smoothly so far. HostGator comes well recommended by many people I trust. I certainly hope things go smoothly for a while now.