Operating a Daycare From Your Home

If you love children, operating a daycare can be a wonderful way to earn money. Your children get playmates, you get to spend time with children of all ages, and earn money too!

But it can also be a very challenging form of home business. The hours are long, the children may fight and argue, toys can be broken, and there are liability issues.

You will also want to decide whether to be a part time or full time provider and if you prefer to care for children in a certain age group. Certainly an infant or toddler is a lot more work, but you can generally charge more to care for them. You will need to consider how many children, up to the legal limits in your area, you are really comfortable watching.

Running a Home Daycare

Licensing and Inspections for Daycares
The basics of how you should prepare to be licensed.

Find Customers for Your Daycare
How do you get customers to your brand new home daycare without current customers or references?

Do You Need Daycare Recordkeeping Software?
How can you keep all those vitals bits of information for your daycare easily accessible?

Keeping Your Daycare Neat
Organization tips for your daycare.

What Parents Should Expect of Your Daycare
Hint: You should expect much the same from the parents.

Problems with Children
Be prepared for discipline issues with the children you watch.

Problem Parents
Cope with nonpaying and late parents at your daycare.

Childcare Finances - Some Money Basics
What's all this new terminology? How are you going to cope with bookkeeping?

Useful Tools:

Starting a Home Day Care
Learn what you need to know to get started. Includes forms you will need, such as registration forms, medication forms, emergency contact and many more. Review

Daycare Manager Pro
Whether your center is large or small, this software will help you keep records.

Ebook Recommendation:

How to Start a Daycare
Start a profitable daycare center and quit your day job.


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