Problem Parents

It happens to every daycare provider; the problem parent. They arrive late to pick up their children, pay late, bounce checks and so forth. You have to be prepared to cope.

The first thing you need to do is have a written policy covering these issues and consequences. You should have a rate set for when parents are late. Some daycares charge per MINUTE late, but decide what you think is reasonable while keeping in mind you need your family time. Policies should be strict enough that parents are not comfortable just leaving their kids with you for an extra hour. That is your family time.

Payment policies also need to be very strict. In my opinion, the best policy for payments gives next to no leeway. If you are not paid on time, the child cannot come back until you are paid. Same for bounced checks. Daycare does not pay so much that you can afford to let a parent miss a payment even for a short time. Decide on a late fee if you accept a late payment.

All of this should be in a written contract signed by you and the parent. Keep a copy and give one to them. Go over it with parents when they first decide to have you care for their children and remind them of what they agreed to any time there is a problem. You can work with parents who have been good customers, but remember you are doing this because you need the money, so do not be sympathetic to the point that you are losing money.

If parents seem to think that you do not have overhead for your daycare business, remind them that you have to buy food and supplies for their children, as well as care for them.

Another thing problem parents may do is bring in their children when they are sick. This exposes every child in your daycare to the illness, and if you have to call the parent to pick their child up is a terrible inconvenience. Be sure to have a sick child policy in place. If you know of alternate resources for parents for sick children, let them know.

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