Are You Taking Advantage of eBay Yet?

If you’ve been online for long, or even seen the commercials on TV, you know about eBay. Some call it an online garage sale; others see the chance to find all sorts of collectibles and bargains. However you look at it, eBay can be a great resource for you, your family and your business.

As a bidder, you can find all sorts of cheap supplies, although you have to be careful sometimes. You’ve heard of “buyer beware” and this very much applies to buying items on eBay. Look at the seller’s rating before bidding to be certain that they are reputable. Also look at the kind of feedback they’re getting. Many people fear getting a negative response if they leave a negative, so you will sometimes see negative comments paired with a positive rating. If this is happening consistently there may be a problem.

You can find just about anything on eBay, from toys to books to formula and even cars and homes. You do need to be very aware of shipping costs and what a reasonable price is for anything you bid on, as shipping can make you pay more for an item than you would have at the store.

Anyone can sell on eBay, so if your garage is full of things you haven’t gotten rid of yet, you can sell them there. You are best off being organized about it. One of the best suggestions I’ve heard in this regard is to take your pictures of the items you are going to sell, then package them so all you have to do is slap an address on them when someone buys them. Do keep in mind that not everything you list will sell, but you don’t want to be running around looking for something to ship your items in when you do sell something.

You can even use eBay to advertise your business in an indirect manner. You can’t list your business on the auction page itself unless it is relevant. However, you can mention your website in your About Me page, so make sure you take advantage. You can sell services too, so if you are freelancing, it is one way to get something of a portfolio going. Many online businesses have increased their traffic in this manner, and received exposure to many potential clients and customers who may not have found them otherwise.

In short, eBay is a resource any work at home or stay at home parent can learn to love. Just watch your bidding and know the worth of anything you buy on eBay and you can save quite a bit of money.


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