Find Affordable Advertising

One of the most difficult things about running a home business is advertising it without overspending. Fortunately, if you know where to look, there is plenty out there. One source is Ebay; just search on "wahm ad" (see below) or other relevant search term. Many websites offer very affordable or free advertising, either on their website or in their newsletter.

Don't neglect your link exchanges when you do advertising. This option is generally free, and if you find good partners and lots of them (I have seen recommendations for 1000+), you can get significant traffic from this alone. Just make sure that on your site and any sites you link with you limit the number of links to a page to about 50 and that they are grouped by category to keep them relevant and easy to use. See my Resource page if you want to exchange links with me.

Affordable Advertising

Write Articles and send them to editors - Many options here. One is of course to do the research on your own, finding editors to send your articles to and so forth. If that's a little too time consuming for you, there are products which have done the work for you already.

2 Bucks an Ad - Not quite what it sounds like, because you have to buy groups, but the price per newsletter is actually under $2 an ad, more like $1, but you'll spend about $10 for one ad group. The one disadvantage is that most of the newsletters have a LOT of ads in them. Even so, some people find them effective enough to do repeatedly.

Internet Income Secrets - Not an advertising opportunity, but a way to learn how to market online.

Mommy's Helper - Free advertising opportunities.

TBA Deals - A range of prices and advertising opportunities.

The Mom Pack - Moms helping each other advertise. Exchange flyers and other filler material.

Mommy's Work at Home Place - Free and paid listings available

Finally, remember to use your URL in your signature line on all discussion boards if allowed, and don't forget pay per click options. It's one of the few advertising opportunities where you only pay for actual visitors, but it can add up fast.


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