Running Your Home Business

You've gone so far as to start up your home business, now you have to run it. It's not always going to be easy, but running your home based business may be one of the most interesting and challenging things you do in your life. There's a lot to learn at the beginning, and there's always something more you can learn even as you become more experienced in business.

What’s Your Backup Plan?
If you're running a home business, you need to have a backup plan for all the things that can go wrong, from loss of important business data to loss of income.

Running Your Home Business and Keeping Up the House – How Do You Manage Both?
It's not easy running a home business. You're often expected to raise your family and keep up the house while you're at it. How do you balance all the demands?

Are You Taking the Right Chances With Your Online Business?
Playing it safe can pay off for a time, but if you really want your online business to grow, you're going to have to take chances once in a while, beyond the simple chances of owning a business at all.

Are You Slowing Down for the Summer? Why?
Some people take it real easy with their home business over the summer. Do you? Should you?

Do You Own Your Business Ideas?
It's frustrating when you think someone stole your idea for a home business. Did you really own that idea in the first place?

When Was the Last Time You Experimented with Your Online Business?
It's easy to get stuck in a rut when you have an online business. Go on, take a chance on something new.

Are Your Emotions Keeping You From Making the Right Decisions About Your Online Business?
It's easy to be emotional about your online business. It's your creation. But sentimental attachments to certain aspects of your business may be limiting how your online business grows.

Get Excited About the Small Milestones in Your Home Business
Don't just celebrate the big milestones as your home business grows. Celebrate the little ones too. They come about more often and help keep you motivated.

How Do You Keep From Having All Your Eggs in One Basket With Your Home Business?
Lots of people say to not have all your eggs in one basket when you have a home business. Isn't that kind of hard to avoid, especially when you're just getting started?

9 Online Marketing Mistakes and the First Steps Toward Fixing Them
We all make mistakes in our online marketing. The trick is learning how to avoid them when possible, and fix them when mistakes are made.

3 Ways to Face the Frustration of Growing Your Home Business
Growing a home business is rarely as easy as most of us would wish. How can you cope with the frustration?

5 Ways You’re Trying to Doom Your Home Based Business
Yep, you might just be making some serious mistakes with your home based business.

Where Do You Get Inspiration for Articles?
Article writing is a popular way to build links to your website. The only problem is getting inspiration for your articles.

Are You Using Hype or Honesty to Make Sales?
One of the big problems a lot of people have with online products is all the hype used to make sales. Are you overdoing the hype in your own marketing materials or do you keep it more honest to build trust?

Nine Inexpensive Ways to Advertise Your Web Site
Advertising your website doesn't have to cost a fortune.

It's a Taxing Time of Year
When tax time rolls around it's important that you take care of things correctly.

Find Affordable Advertising
Advertising costs can be a major expense for your home business. There are ways to spend less while still doing a pretty thorough job of advertising your website.

How to Ask For the Order - and Get It
Using the right words will greatly improve your odds of making the sale. Don't be shy about telling your potential customers to buy your product.

Setting Yourself Up As A Virtual Assistant
Working as a virtual assistant is one of the more popular ways to work at home right now. Many businesses have realized how practical it is to hire a virtual assistant to help them out only when they need help.

Three Steps to a Professional Image
One of the most important things for any business is that it appear professional. Take special care of your image when you run your business from home.

Search Engines
If you do business online, you need to understand the search engines at least a little bit.

How do you get time to run your home business?
The biggest trouble for some people with home business is that it's at HOME! The kids can be quite distracting as well as other household issues.

Be Yourself and Persuade Others
Sometimes being natural is a very effective writing and marketing technique.

I wrote an article – now what?
Help, help! Figuring out what to do with the article you've just written is kind of tough when you're just starting out in home business.


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