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Having children in the house makes medical transcription a much more challenging job. You have more limitations on your hours and more distractions. But it can be done.

The first thing you need to do is figure out a schedule you can work. If the children are old enough to be in school, those are prime hours for most people to get some transcription done. If they’re not in school you have to plan more.

Most medical transcriptionists with young children prefer to work either early in the morning or late at night. Nap times can also work. However, if your company requires a regular schedule nap times may be too erratic to be written into your regular schedule.

Another good time to work is when someone else is watching the children. This can be your spouse or significant other, grandparents, etc.

One tactic I found effective was to trade babysitting. If you have a friend with kids, you watch theirs in exchange for your friend watching your children.

Another tactic is to hire a neighborhood child. I found this quite helpful. A nine year old girl in my neighborhood loved to earn money, so I paid her to play with my kids while I worked. I could hear them, pause to help with problems, yet still get some work done. Not quite as good as working with no distractions, but it did help.

Above all else, being a medical transcriptionist with children at home requires planning. It’s not an easy path but it can be done.

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