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Home with the Kids was featured on a news report about stay at home jobs on July 17, 2011 on WMCTV featured on WTVM/WXTX

Home with the Kids was featured in a news report on working at home that aired on July 13, 2011 on WTVM/WXTX. featured on Bankrate and Yahoo! Finance

Home with the Kids was featured in an article that was posted on Bankrate and Yahoo! Finance on July 29, 2009!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE helps parents spot work at home scams

Poway, CA – October 29, 2005 – Scams make finding legitimate work at home jobs and business opportunities more difficult than it needs to be. Now has a section devoted to helping people spot the scams.

Stephanie Foster, the owner of, has seen a lot of people fall or come close to falling for a lot of scams. “I get people asking all the time if this opportunity or that is a scam,” she says. “It’s nice to have a resource to point to that makes it simpler to explain the signs.”

The new section discusses several of the scams currently going around, from the reshipping scam to envelope stuffing. It also discusses what to do when you if you get scammed by a company.

Stephanie Foster has been a work at home mother for close to four years now. She has run for more than two years, after being asked by many mothers how to get started in the work at home world.

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Work at Home Website Offers Tips on Saving Gas

San Marcos , CA -- May 24, 2004 – Complaints about gas prices are rising, but solutions are hard to find. Delaying a gas purchase does little, particularly for cash-strapped families. Stephanie Foster, on her website, is offering tips on using less gas.

Using less gas requires solid effort. One day boycotts do very little in terms of actually using less gas. She suggests that parents with jobs that allow telecommuting consider taking advantage of such programs as a way to use less gas. She also wants parents to consider walking or riding bicycles for short errands, rather than driving.

“I’m suggesting a goal of not using your car one day a week,” Stephanie says. “It may not be easy, but using your car less is the one sure way to spend less money on gas. Even if it’s something as small as walking less than a mile to your grocery store you’re making a difference.”

Stephanie started her website to help parents find ways to stay at home, and helping parents find ways to save gas is another way she can encourage families to spend more time together. She has worked at home for more than two years as a medical transcriptionist and has been running her website for several months now.

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