Controlling the Time You Spend on the Internet

The Internet has been one of the biggest boons to home business yet is also one of the greatest time wasters. Just think about all the things you do online. You check email, chat with friends and family, read the news, build websites, advertise and market your home business....

Some of this is productive. Some of it is not. If you want to manage your time better, you will focus on better balancing your productive and unproductive Internet time management.

How many times a day do you check your email? How often is checking your email just a way to procrastinate when you know what you should really be doing?

I get some great information sometimes in my email, but I also get a lot of junk. I don’t just mean spam. I mean newsletters that I hoped would be good but are too often nothing more than thinly disguised advertisements for the latest hyped up product. I’ve learned to keep mental track of newsletters that seem to do that, so that I can unsubscribe from them if the quality does not pick up.

Likewise, getting control of your spam can really help. Now, I and many others have a strong dislike for those programs where the sender has to type in the random characters in order to get an email through for the first time. Yes, they control the spam quite well, I understand, but they also block out anyone who doesn’t wish to take the time to fill in the form, which is a disadvantage to you.

My personal preference is for software that sorts out the likely spam. Then you still have to regularly go through and check for legitimate emails that might have been caught by it, but at least they can all get through to somewhere that you can check them easily, and you aren’t annoying potential customers by being difficult to reach. There is unfortunately no perfect spam solution, but implementing something will at least cut down the time you need to spend worrying about it.

You also need to look at how much time you spend on forums. Forums are a lot of fun, a great social outlet when you’re at home all day, and they can provide great networking opportunities, but they are also time eaters. You need to decide on the proper balance for your needs. I can’t tell you what is right for you; it depends on the kind of business you run.

It is also very easy to get sucked into surfing a bunch of random sites or news articles. There’s a tremendous amount of free information online, but much of it is not relevant to either your business or your daily life. Save it for when you are trying to relax, not when you need to get work done.

Focusing on how you use your time on the Internet can help you to cut the junk out and really get things done. You might be surprised when you realize how much time you’ve wasted online.

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