Learning Time Management

“A wise man will learn everything and a stupid man will learn nothing.”

Learning time management may sound intimidating at first. After all, if it came naturally to you, you wouldn’t be trying to learn it. Thinking about learning time management makes you think of all the chaos you feel in your life, all the disorganization, all the time crunch.

But you have to remember that learning time management is about getting past all that and gaining control.

Your first step should be to realistically assess what time management tools you are willing to use. Will a day planner help or annoy you? Will you really keep up if you just do it all in your head?

You may have to experiment and be willing to change time management methods if the first one you try doesn’t work for you after a month or so. Don’t give up too quickly; I’ve heard it said that it takes 21 days to form a new habit, so you need to give each method at least that long to really know if it’s right for you.

Do not expect to beat all your time management problems at once. For many people it is simpler to tackle one problem at a time than several bad habits at once.

You might start by tackling the amount of running around you do during the day, learning to combine errands whenever possible. Then you might try getting your home organized. Then you might figure out a good schedule for your days and weeks.

Of course, your time management plans do need to include some flexibility. No one’s life goes exactly as planned. Don’t panic when something throws all your plans into chaos. These things happen, and you’ll cope far better if you remember at the time that these things happen to everyone.

You can choose to motivate yourself rewards for meeting your time management goals. The reward is up to you, of course. It might be taking a special bit of time for yourself, some item you’ve been wanting, or something else all together.

Try to keep positive even when you completely miss your goals. Just because things don’t work out one day doesn’t mean you’re never going to learn to manage your time better. Take a deep breath and keep trying. Adjust your goals if it becomes clear that they’re unrealistic.

Above all, leave time for enjoyment. Have fun with your family, have fun by yourself.

Take More Action

Tired of how hard it is to manage your time? Get ideas to help you do better with this three step solution.


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