Plan to Use Your Car Less

It takes a little effort, but anyone can learn to drive their car less.

The most effective is a combination of tactics. Try for a goal of not using your car one day a week or month.

Not possible you say? Between Billy’s soccer practice and Sally’s gymnastics, you spend your entire weekend running around, and you have to drive to work every day, there just aren’t any days where you don’t need your car.

Are you sure?

Can you carpool with other families? So maybe you won’t be able to avoid driving your car one day a week, every week, only every other week, but it’s a start.

Is the grocery store within walking distance, say a mile or so? While I don’t do it every time I need to shop, I do walk to my grocery store sometimes rather than drive. Not only am I saving a very small amount of gas, I’m getting a good bit of exercise. My store takes about 20 minutes to walk to, pushing my daughter’s stroller. On the way home, the workout is made more challenging by the added weight of the groceries in the basket beneath the stroller.

If your kids are too old for a stroller, what about a wagon? Just lock it up outside the grocery store like you would a bicycle. My mother used this one when my sisters and I were growing up.

Think of fun things you can do at home or places within walking distance on the weekends. There are plenty of activities your entire family can enjoy. Have a picnic, a barbeque, game night, or other fun things on days you have decided not to drive.