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I've mentioned elsewhere the concept of having local clients as a virtual assistant. Local clients can be quite beneficial. Some of them will be quite surprised to even hear of the concept of a virtual assistant, while others will be more familiar with the term.

But the real delight is that they generally have fewer virtual assistants trying to get their attention. If they search online they have every virtual assistant whose site is ranked above yours to look through first, after all. Locally it depends on how much they know about virtual assistants and how many other virtual assistants in your area are trying to get their attention.

There is something of an advantage in many cases of being able to speak to clients face to face. Many people are just more comfortable with that. It also means that you can pick up work if necessary, and drop things off. It can be a great benefit to your client.

Real estate agents, law firms, financial services and other small businesses often need just a little help with certain things, and hiring a virtual assistant will make a lot of sense to them Who wants to hire even a part time bookkeeper, for example, if all that is needed is a few hours a month?

Treat your local and non-local clients the same, of course. You should not be giving preferences in your services to one over the other, aside from offering local clients more personal service. But also help them to understand that most of the time you will be working virtually, and most contact will not be in person. But when it's really necessary, the ability to see them in person can be a huge plus for both of you.


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