home assembly and crafting scams

Home Assembly and Crafting Scams

So you love to do crafts and you’ve heard that people are getting paid to do crafts at home. All you have to do is send in your money and they’ll send you a kit you have to complete to their satisfaction. You won’t have to sell anything, and the pay per completed item looks great.

It’s time to look again. Just about every assembly opportunity out there is a scam. It’s as simple as that. It doesn’t matter how well you assemble the item, it will never pass their quality control. Some desperate people have even tried sending the sample back, which was supposed to show them exactly how to complete the item, only to have it fail inspection.

The goal of an assembly scam is to get you to pay for several kits without ever paying you for the completed items. You’ll spend hours trying to get them just right, only to fail over and over.

If you really love assembling items, just about the only way you’re going to get paid to do so is to sell them yourself. You might be afraid of trying sales, but it may turn out that it isn’t that hard after all. You can create whatever you like and sell them at craft fairs, online on your own website, eBay, or even try to get local stores to sell them for you. But don’t bother with the ads offering you the chance to assemble crafts for someone else.

There are very, VERY few legitimate assembly jobs out there. If there is any kind of fee, forget it!

If You Get Scammed

First try to clear it up with the company. If they are uncooperative, let them know that you will be contacting officials about the matter. Then do it.


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