How Would You Like To Work At Home?

Here’s the big challenge: Finding a legitimate work at home job or home business you can do with children running around, or that pays enough that you can afford childcare for your work hours. Stay at home work for moms and dads isn’t easy to find, but here are some work at home options that might just work for you and your family.

What are your work at home options?

Work At Home Jobs
Work At Home Jobs
Start A Home Business
Start A Home Business
Mystery Shopping
Mystery Shopping
Work At Home Scams
Work At Home Scams

What’s The Difference?

While all of these are types of working at home, there are differences in how you would find each one. There are different risks for each as well.

Work at Home and Online Jobs 
You might be surprised by the array of work at home and online jobs out there for stay at home moms and dads. No, envelope stuffing certainly isn’t legitimate, but there are jobs out there in customer service, data entry, transcription, software development and more.

Although telecommuting jobs can also be called work at home jobs, most people seem to call it telecommuting when they have to go into the office regularly, rather than work 100% from home. This section is geared more toward that kind of job.

A freelancer works for himself or herself. This can be a difficult career choice, as it requires a great deal of self-motivation. Writers often freelance. It can be difficult to get started, or you may go through periods of too much work. You are responsible for your own office and taxes.

Home Business Ownership 
This is very challenging but can be a great opportunity. It requires a great deal of time in most cases. Startup costs can be prohibitive or highly affordable, depending on the type of business, and legal issues such as permits can quickly add up. As with freelancing, you are responsible for your own taxes and such.

Mystery Shopping 
Although not done at home, mystery shopping is a popular option for stay at home moms and dads because the children can generally be brought along, you get a free meal or merchandise in many cases, and the schedule is very flexible. There are companies that will offer you a list of mystery shopping companies for a fee, but this information can easily be had for free.

Work at Home Scams 
This is a topic anyone looking at work at home opportunities needs to be aware of. Scams are often easier to come by than legitimate opportunities, so it pays to know what the signs are.

There are scams related to all kinds of work at home. It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for a job or starting a business – be careful out there.

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Who wants to work at home?