Ad Posting Scams

Ad posting scams

Post ads and get paid! Sounds wonderful, but is it really?

These are also advertised as home typing positions. The idea is that you go to various forums and post ads, and you get paid when people respond.

Couple problems with this. First, the companies tend to vanish before payday. Second, many forums do not allow advertising and will ban you for doing so. Third, it tends to be a lot of work for only a little response, as your ad gets deleted.

Income claims for these “opportunities” tend to be greatly exaggerated as well. Most ad posters won’t earn much even if the company actually pays them.

At best, they’re a misleading description of affiliate marketing. There are ways that you can make money posting affiliate links to products. Some people do very well at it, but they aren’t using spammy techniques. If you want to do affiliate marketing, learn from someone who is upfront about the kind of work involved.

If You Get Scammed

First, try to clear it up with the company. If they are uncooperative, let them know that you will be contacting officials about the matter. Then do it.

  • If you found out about the company on a website, let the site know so that they can take it off their site.
  • Contact the Attorney General in your state or the state the company is in.
  • Contact the BBB, both your local office and in the company’s state.
  • Contact the National Fraud Information Center if this was a “get rich quick” or “easy money” scheme.
  • Your local Consumer Protection Offices.
  • The Postmaster if you received the offer in the mail.
  • The Federal Trade Commission. The FTC has a Complaint Assistant website to help you file your complaint.