Working at Home in Education

Teachers can work at home. It’s no longer that you be face to face and in person. There are a variety of options for teachers to work from home, either part or full time.

Some positions are suitable only as a supplement to your family’s income. Others are full time. Many require that you possess at least a Bachelor’s degree. Teaching certificates are required by some positions, but not by others.

Online Charter Schools

Online charter schools hire a lot of teachers. These positions often require occasional travel to meet with students in person to review progress or supervise state testing.

K12 and Connections Academy are two of the big charter school companies you will see. It’s not always easy working as a virtual teacher, as the workload can be high. You may be assigned more students than you expect.

While some of the work your students will do will be graded automatically by the system, you will need to review their progress and grade things the computer cannot handle. You may also need to teach classes online and have regular office hours where students and parents can contact you with questions, and of course you should keep up with any emailed problems they send you.

On the plus side, the school year is generally similar to what you would get working at traditional schools.

Test Scoring

For positions that require you to score tests, the requirements will depend upon which test you would be scoring. The GMAT, GRE, TOEFL, CAHSEE and other tests are often scored by people working from home. Each test has different requirements for their scorers, to ensure that you have some degree of knowledge of the subject of the test.

Test scoring may be highly seasonal. Obviously, there is no testing to be done if no one is taking the test. That means you may see a lot of work at the end of the school year and not so much at other times.


Tutoring typically has similar requirements so far as education goes. A tutor obviously needs to be very familiar with the subject they are helping students with. Work may also be seasonal unless your students are in year-round schools.

In some cases, a tutor may be paid by the student rather than the company. You need to understand where your pay is coming from and how you are to handle it.

You will need to have a broadband connection to the internet for most tutoring sessions.

One option that has become quite popular is tutoring children in other countries who are learning English. Companies such as VIPKid pay very well for this. As students are often in China, this mean teachers based in the United States may need to teach them in the VERY early morning.

For most teaching or tutoring jobs, you will need a quiet home office with a door you can close. They want you focused on your students and able to protect their privacy.

Your computer may need a wired connection to the internet. This is more secure and higher speed than a wifi or other wireless connection.