Working from Home as a Mystery Shopper

Mystery shopping is perhaps one of the more popular work at home jobs out there. It’s a job just about anyone can do, and in many, although certainly not all, cases a parent can bring the children along on a mystery shop, making it possible to work while having time out of the house with the kids.

This is not an easy job necessarily. It requires a great eye for detail, the ability to remember names and details long enough to write about them after leaving the place you are shopping.

A mystery shopper may be required to make a purchase with her own money in many cases. You are reimbursed when you are paid for the shop.

Mystery shoppers may shop just about any place you would go as a customer – restaurants, stores, apartments… even cruise ships, although such jobs are very hard to find, and of course, the cruise is all the pay you get.

After completeing a shop, you are expected to write a detailed report about your experience. Names of employees must be included, and as much relevant detail as possible.

It is not always easy to earn a living doing mystery shopping. It is not uncommon to earn only $10 for doing a shop. It takes time to build up a reputation to where your employer is willing to assign you to a lot of shops. Some areas will not have many shops available.

Most mystery shoppers start out working for more than one company. This gives them the most chances to actually get a mystery shop assigned to them. If you are very lucky, you can get more than one done at once if two assignments are near to one another and need to be done in the same time frame.

Bringing your children along may help you blend into the crowd, but they are also a distraction for you. You need to decide how you can perform the best work for your company. Depending on how things work best for you, doing a mystery shop could be an outing with the kids or a break from them.