Working at Home in Accounting

This is one of those work at home jobs where you will probably need experience in the job in order to work from home. You will probably have to be a CPA and have three or so years’ experience.

Preparing taxes is one of the primary kinds of work for at-home accountants. You may prepare taxes for individuals, businesses or corporations. Alternatively, you could be doing bookkeeping, teaching or consulting.

Obviously, you need a computer and current software for these kinds of jobs, along with your professional skills.

It is not uncommon for accounting jobs to prefer to work with people in a given geographic area, rather than be purely nationwide, as is common with certain other work at home jobs. This no doubt simplifies things if it becomes necessary to have you meet with clients.

As a professional level work at home job, this is definitely not for everyone, but it’s a great way to use the skills you learned in becoming a CPA, rather than simply taking a lower level job in order to stay at home.