Employer FAQ

Q1. Is the Home With the Kids Work at Home Job Board free to use?

A1. The basic features of the job board are free to use, but there is a charge to post a featured listing. As the job board gains popularity, a fee for all job listings may be added, and featured listing prices may be increased.


Q2. Is an employer account all I need for employees to find my company?

A2. No. You need to list your job openings to be easily visible to job seekers. From the job listings, they can find your employer page.


Q3. Do job listings expire?

A3. Yes, in 30 days. You can republish easily, or contact me for longer extensions, up to a permanent listing for positions you’re usually hiring for.


Q4. Do applications go through the job board or the employer’s website?

A4. That’s up to you. You can have the Home With the Kids Job Board email you about applications or include a link to the job listing or application on your own website.


Q5. What is a featured listing?

A5. A featured listing is listed at the top of the category listings.


Q6. Can a job be listed in more than one category?

A6. Yes.


Q7. Do all jobs have to be based from home?

A7. Pretty much. I will also approve jobs that are only partially done from home or that are extremely flexible; they don’t have to be done entirely at home. Merchandiser and mystery shopping jobs, for example, will be considered.


Q8. Will all jobs submitted be approved?

A8. Of course not! Jobs that are done primarily at the office, home business opportunities, jobs that I’m not certain are legitimate and obvious scams will not be approved. If you disagree with a rejection, contact me and say why. You might change my mind.


Q9. What if I have more questions?

A9. Contact me!