Work at Home Scams

Scams are the bane of the work at home parent's existence. They abound on the Internet and in the world in general. Fortunately, there are some warning signs you should always look out for that will keep you from falling for most of them.

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Work at Home Job Scams

8 Rules to Help You Avoid Work at Home Job Scams
Avoiding work at home scams isn't always difficult. Keep these basic rules in mind to spot some common symptoms of work at home job scams.

When the Work at Home Company is Real, but the Job Isn’t
Sometimes the scammers are really sneaky. They'll claim to be from a company they aren't associated with. How can you tell?

It Costs Money! Is It Legitimate?
You always hear that you shouldn't pay to get a work at home job. That's near enough true, just make sure you consider whether you're looking at a work at home job rather than a home business when you start thinking scam.

How Do You Know if that Work at Home Job Offer is Real?
It's an amazing feeling when you get a job offer for a much desired work at home job. Now how do you know whether or not it's for real?

Let’s Fall for a Work at Home Scam Today!
No, not really. A bit of humor about how easy it is to fall for scams when you want to start working from home.

Work at Home Scam Bingo
Some of the common signs of work at home scams, put into Bingo form. Play along as you search for a stay at home job.

5 Steps to Guarantee You Fall for a Work at Home Scam
C'mon, you can do it! Fall for that scam now! All the cool stay at home moms and dads are doing it.

Home Assembly and Crafting
So many people would love to use their crafting skills to earn money at home. Is it possible?

Envelope Stuffing
Another of the classic ways people want to earn money at home. You always see the signs for this along the sides of the road. Does it work?

Why Do So Many People Still Look for Envelope Stuffing Jobs?
It amazes me sometimes that people still look for envelope stuffing jobs. Why does this old scam keep popping up?

Online Surveys
Filling out surveys sounds so easy, and the stories are so promising....

Chain Letters and Randomizers
Chain letters long predate the Internet while randomizers are newer. Are they safe to participate in?

Mystery Shopping
Earn money while you shop! Sounds like a dream come true.

Ad Posting
All you have to do to earn tons of money is post ads on sites! What is the reality?

Data Entry
You have great typing skills, so data entry sounds like a great work at home opportunity. How do you know if it's real or a scam?

Is DataEntryBucks a Scam?
A look at one particular offer that strikes me as suspicious. It's affiliate marketing, not data entry. That in itself doesn't make it a scam, but I don't approve of the less than honest description as a stay at home job.

Is Rebate Processing a Scam?
It sounds nice, getting paid for processing rebates. Like so many other work at home opportunities, it's really not as simple as they make it sound.

Recieve a package someone else bought, then forward it on. What could possibly be wrong with that? Plenty!

Payment Processing
Cash a check or money order while keeping your share. So easy, could it be true?

Medical Transcription/Billing/Coding
The demand for help in the medical industry is quite high. Can you really do this from home?

Fake Work at Home Job Leads
You find what looks like a great work at home opportunity on a job board. What is it really?

Work at Home Job Boards
Pay a fee and you'll get leads on finding legitimate work at home jobs? Hmm....

Get paid for surfing websites. Is it legitimate?

Can You Expose a Work at Home Scam?
When you've been scammed, it's natural to want to expose it. Just be careful.

Keeping Your Ethics as You Work at Home
Sad to say, but some people have no problem when being unethical about their work at home, even after being scammed themselves.

Why Don't Work at Home Scams Get Shut Down More Quickly?
Yes, it's frustrating when you realize how long some work at home scams stick around. Why aren't they shut down more quickly?

13 Ways to Avoid Work at Home Scams
13 tips to help you avoid the scams when you're looking at stay at home jobs.

Home Business Scams

How Can You Tell If a Product Testimonial is Legitimate?
There are a lot of great products out there to help you build your home business. Problem is, it's hard to tell which really are great versus which just have great fake testimonials. Some tips to help you spot the fake testimonials.

How to Research Online Home Business Opportunities
Want to avoid a home business scam? Here are some tips to help you research home business opportunities which can help you to avoid online business scams.

Google Will Pay You How Much Per Hour/Day/Week/Month???
This kind of scam keeps going around. They claim to tell you how to earn lots of money at home from Google, but there's a catch.

Refund Tracers
Help people get their HUD refunds? Sounds great!

Internet Marketing Seminars
Pay a fee to attend a seminar to learn how to earn money online. Are internet marketing seminars worth it?

Online Business
Is there even such a thing as a legitimate online business?

MLM Scams

Multi-Level Marketing
What makes the legitimate opportunities different from the scams?

The FTC also offers some excellent advice on selecting a franchise or business opportunity, which applies to both online and offline opportunities.

In General

Watch out if the ad promises hundreds or thousands of dollars with little effort, "guaranteed!" No one can guarantee that any business will succeed, and all businesses require effort and time to make money.

Also beware if no experience is required. While there may be legitimate opportunities out there that do not require experience, it is more likely that they are trying to prey on the inexperienced.

LOOK OUT FOR CAPITALIZATION!!! AND EXCLAMATION POINTS!!! Got your attention there, didn't I? That's their goal too. A scam wants you to get so excited about their opportunity that you don't think. Be too smart to fall for that.

Vague ads where you have no idea what the product or service you will be selling are also trouble. Legitimate companies want you to know what you'll be selling, so you'll be excited about the business and the product. Scams just want you to be excited about the business.

If you feel pressured to make an immediate decision, tell them the answer is 'no.' Once again, a legitimate company wants you to be enthusiastic and happy with your decision. If you're buying a franchise opportunity, make sure they have a money back guarantee.

Check the company out on the See also the BBB's report on work at home scams.

Can You Use the BBB to Find Work at Home Scams?
The BBB has a highly trusted name, but make sure they aren't your only work at home scam research tool.

If You Get Scammed

First try to clear it up with the company. If they are uncooperative, let them know that you will be contacting officials about the matter. Then do it.



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