5 Steps to Guarantee You Fall for a Work at Home Scam

Falling for a work at home scam is so easy, anyone can do it! Just forget common sense. Be eager for big earnings with no effort. And forget the cost… you’ll be earning big bucks in no time, right???

Step 1: Search “Work from home,” “home business opportunity,” “earn money fast” or similar terms.

You may very well find some legitimate options under these terms. My own site can be found under some of these terms on some search engines. But these kinds of terms are also targeted by scams as they’re so easy for people who want to starting working at home to think of.

Step 2: Become very excited about the first opportunity you find that promises big money with no effort.

Squeeee! Bounce! Lookit all the money people have earned following these instructions! Lookit all the pretty exclamation points! All the bolding and highlighting! The page is just so pretty, it has to be true!

You don’t even have to make sales. The money will come rolling in, all on its own. But if you recruit other people into the scam… err, business opportunity, you’ll get a part of their earnings too, even if they never buy anything else! Hooray!

Step 3: Sign up with no further investigation.

“I’m going to be rich, I’m going to be rich! Whoopie!” Or a similar thought process. They have a guarantee, after all, it says so right on the site. Surely that will protect you. And if you can’t trust people on the Internet, who can you trust?

Step 4: Ignore all naysayers.

Admittedly, this can be a good policy even if you aren’t falling for a scam… but that’s the only time. Just because someone can point to sites that explain the exact scam or to points on the FTC site that explain why the opportunity is a scam doesn’t mean they’re right, does it? They’re just jealous and/or afraid to succeed themselves.

Step 5: Keep trusting, even as things start to fall apart.

You’re not making money yet, but that’s okay. It will come soon, really. This business can’t fail, the model is too good. It has to work. It just has to!

Maybe if you just sink a bit more money in, just to speed things up a little… maybe you just need more recruits… pay no attention to rumors of an FTC investigation, can’t be true, they’ll show the whole thing is legit, right?

Back to the Real World

The hardest part of this whole thing is that some legitimate opportunities have you do very similar activities. Network marketing, for example, is often best done while also recruiting a downline. Investing more in a legitimate business can be a smart move.

The trick is to know when you have it right. That means researching the opportunities you are considering. Taking your time. Knowing what to say to the naysayers, even if nothing will convince them that you’ve got it right. Even being optimistic when things aren’t moving as fast as you’d like… which is very common in home businesses, especially legitimate ones.

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2 Responses

  1. Funny – yet very useful.

  2. Randy says:

    It always amazes me how many people fall for those scams!