If You Had an Extra $1000 to Spend on Your Home Business…

How would you spend it?

I don’t care if you already have a home business and call it an added $1000 that you could spend on your business however you like or you haven’t decided what to do and need the money to get started.

How would you spend it?

I’ve been thinking about this post for a few days. I’m terrible at spending money, which is good most of the time, but bad when I should be investing more money into my business. This is a pretty tough question for me to answer.

If only I could say “buy more time” and be done with it! But it’s really not that simple.

I’d probably put the bulk of it to marketing. A part of it to this site because I love this site, but also for some of my other sites that have had less of my attention but have good chances to make money.

One of the strategies I’ve considered is putting up flyers at local colleges. The ability to work at home is great for college students, and I wouldn’t mind getting a little more attention from that area.

Another possibility would be to use it to get a great prize for a giveaway, such as an iPod or similar item. Something that might generate attention on its own as people tell their friends about it.

I’d probably also hire someone for some blog topic research. Probably not writing the posts, just getting some of the research out of the way. I like writing my own stuff and I think I’d be too prone to rewriting the whole thing if I hired a ghostwriter for my posts.

All that could easily use up $1000. How much to each part would depend on what seemed to be working. I wouldn’t suggest throwing money at something that hasn’t been tested on a smaller budget first for the marketing stuff, and hiring help always includes a search for just the right person, and that can cost money too in paying those who just don’t quite work out.

Your turn.

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