Comment Policy

I love comments on this blog. I encourage them. However, I do have a few simple rules:

  1. I like real comments. Just typing in something like “good job” is not a very interesting comment and adds nothing to the conversation. These are prone to being deleted, if Akismet doesn’t catch them for me. No purely self promotional comments.
  2. You can link to your own site, but only if it is relevant. No adult, pharmaceutical, gambling, junk sites.
  3. You cannot use your comments to attack or degrade other commentators. No trolls.
  4. Yes, you can disagree with me.
  5. Your first comment is always moderated. This, in combination with Akismet, greatly reduces the amount of spam that has so much as a shot at appearing in my comments.
  6. I can delete any comment I want, for any reason or none at all.
  7. All comments reflect the opinion of the poster. I am not responsible for what people say in comments, whether or not I allow the comment to appear on this site.
  8. Mistakes happen. Akismet marks some valid comments as spam and I don’t always catch it. Be patient and let me know.