Parenting and Working at Home

They’re rather difficult to mix in some ways, but very much worth it. I’m having to get used to working more slowly now that I have a baby again, and find more ways to spend extra time with my daughter so that she doesn’t feel left out.

How do I do it? It’s not uncommon now for me to type with one hand… slow, more difficult, but it lets me keep going even while nursing. I don’t work on the computer during all feedings, but it’s one thing I can do relatively easily.

On days like today things get even more difficult. Both kids have colds, so I have to deal with children who really need me. This cuts down quite a bit on what I can do. Fortunately, Ariel’s cold was at its worst yesterday, so she’s relatively content to play. It’s a cool, cloudy day, so I’m not letting her play outside while she’s still sick, but there are still things she and I can do. I pulled out a little radio with earphones for her, which she enjoys quite a bit.

I’ve also taken quite a bit of advantage of Ariel’s computer, encouraging her to work beside me. She’d rather play the few games she has on this computer, but the other one suffices most of the time. It was cheap – just $15 or so at Target. Much cheaper than the $50 or so that many cost, although I see Amazon has a Disney Princess Laptop on a pretty good sale right now.

I also tell Ariel a lot about what I’m doing. It doesn’t matter that she isn’t 3 years old yet, she likes to know what kind of work I am doing. She is fascinated by my medical transcription, which I have not started back up yet, and is curious about my websites. I hope that by involving her from a young age that she will be encouraged to be something of an entrepreneur herself someday.

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