Amazon Now Hiring Seasonal Work From Home Customer Service Associates

Amazon Now Hiring Seasonal Work From Home Customer Service Associates

Amazon is currently hiring people in South Carolina, Idaho, New Mexico, Tennessee, Louisiana, West Virginia, Alabama, South Dakota, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Nebraska, and Mississippi to work from home for them in customer service. If you don’t live in one of those states, they will not consider your application for this position. These are seasonal and part time customer service positions.

Military applicants are welcomed to these positions.


Applicants must have at least one year of customer service experience.

You must go in person to a location Amazon gives you to complete your I-9 paperwork. You must have a high school diploma and be fluent in English.

This job is part time, and you may need to work additional hours during the busy season. Naturally, there are more hours available during the peak season, starting Thanksgiving and running through mid-January. There may be regular employment for some people after the busy season is over, but there is no guarantee that any seasonal employees will continue on.

Shifts may be any day of the week, at any time, as the call center is open 24/7. You must be available to work holidays such as Thanksgiving, as those can be very busy days. Prime Day and Black Friday will also be very busy, so you will likely work those days. On average, part time associates will work 20-29 hours per week.

This job will pay $10 per hour during training, and $12 per hour after training, higher if required by law.

This is not the position for you if you have to care for children or another adult during your work shifts. You must commit fully to the customer while you work. No distractions.

You must be able to navigate the internet and use multiple browsers, email, and instant messenger/chat tools. Your priorities must focus on customer needs as you resolve conflicts and set customer expectations. The job will be primarily phone based but may involve chat or email as well.

Equipment Required

Amazon will provide you with a laptop, headset, and Ethernet adapter shipped to your address. You are encouraged to use an external monitor, USB keyboard and mouse if you have them available. Amazon will not provide these extras.

Your internet speeds must reach at least 10 mbps download and 5 mbps upload speed. You must use a direct Ethernet connection to your router.

This is one of many customer service work at home positions listed on the Home With the Kids Online Job Board. Take a look at the job board to find other companies looking for people to work for them in customer service and many other types of jobs.

This position is only open seasonally. You can check Amazon’s job board to check for other remote jobs at any time to see if you qualify for other positions.

Amazon Now Hiring Seasonal Work From Home Customer Service Associates Part Time

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