Are You Thinking Like an Entrepreneur While Looking for a Legitimate Work at Home Job?

One of the main reasons why there are so many work at home scams out there is that so many people want to work at home, yet relatively few jobs are available. At home job seekers become desperate, and will try anything to find work.

You don’t have to be quite so desperate if you’re willing to think more like an entrepreneur, even when you’re after more of a job than a business opportunity. Some of the best work at home jobs are the ones you find by asking around, rather than waiting for a job to be listed. There’s less competition that way.

The first thing to do is assess the skills you have and prepare a solid resume. You want to seek out work that you’re well qualified to do, so that potential employers are comfortable with the idea of having you do the work from home.

Don’t Limit Yourself to the Lists

There are plenty of websites that list companies that are known to hire work at home employees. I have a list here myself. But that doesn’t mean these companies are your only or even best choices for your job hunt. After all, they’re better known and that means you may face more competition in your search.

You can check the major job boards, Craigslist and so forth for jobs, but be aware that scams can be anywhere. You can also search using Google or any other search engine using terms such as “this is a telecommute position,” “this is a virtual position,” “will have the option to work from home,” “work can be done remotely from home” and so forth. Get off the beaten path and you improve your chances.

The Internet May Not Be the Best Source of Work at Home Jobs

It’s pretty easy to use the internet to look for work at home jobs… aside from all the scams, that is. It’s a pretty good source for some types of work in particular, such as freelance writing. But for other types of work, you may be better off contacting local small businesses about their needs.

Data entry and bookkeeping are two places where you may be able to help a local small business from your home rather than seek out work online. Many small businesses need help in these areas, but may not want to hire a full time, on location employee to handle it.

Look up local companies online, in the phone book or even just walk up and see if they’ll take your cover letter and resume. Not all of them will be at all interested in having someone work for them from home, but some will see the advantages.

You will need to consider whether you’re wanting to be an employee or an independent contractor. There are differences, and they’ll determine in part how you approach potential employers, as well as certain legal and tax issues you will face.

However you search for your work at home job, don’t give up just because they aren’t easy to find. It takes determination and persistence to land a job pretty much anywhere; there’s no reason to expect working at home to be any different. Just remember the reasons why you’ve decided you’d rather work at home and keep trying until you make it.

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