I had a little fun last week. I made homemade truffles for the Fourth of July. In the past I’ve always hand rolled them, then coated them in chocolate, but this time I tried something new. I used chocolate molds. So much easier, even though it was my first time making molded filled chocolates. The right tool made the work much simpler, as well as faster. The resulting truffles looked better too.

The same goes when you’re running your home business. Get the right tools for the job, and you can work more quickly and get better results.

Don’t pick just any tool, of course. For my truffles, I had to pick molds which were deep enough but not too deep. I had to like the looks too. I found some brain shape molds which were tempting for sheer silliness, but far too large or small for my truffles. Think similarly about the tools you choose for your home business. They have to be right for the job.

First consider what it is you want to speed up. I’ll use keyword research as an example here, as Market Samurai is a favorite tool of mine, and it’s a huge help with keyword research, as well as in other areas.

There are a few factors to consider, such as price, features and support. I like all of these on Market Samurai. It saves me a lot of time on keyword research. They keep it updated too, as the tools they use to bring you the information change over time. I don’t use it as much as I should, but when I do, there are always great keywords to consider for my websites.

Perhaps that’s what you need, perhaps it isn’t. It’s worth a look.

A tool to manage your social media marketing is also a good plan, within reason. You don’t want to overdo the automation with social media, but a certain amount can be reasonable. I’ve used HootSuite for a long time now, for example. It lets me schedule tweets and manage multiple accounts. Plus it’s online, rather than downloaded, and has both free and paid versions. Hootsuite is also available as an app for various devices as well.

Be careful that you don’t choose tools that will do more harm than good. If you look at the changes made in Google’s Penguin update, they significantly target unnatural link building techniques. You don’t want tools that will make it too easy to build up low quality links, at least not if you’re looking at the long term with your website.

Also don’t use tools that fill your site up with content regardless of quality. Content is important, but it must be interesting to your visitors. Don’t use a junky content spinning program to fill up your site with every possible keyword variation. Don’t pull content from all over the place. It’s fast, it’s easy, and it’s generally not a good idea. Consider the long term costs and benefits, not just the quick and easy issues.