Making a home business successful is hard. There are some things you can control, mostly what you do yourself or hire someone to do for you, and other things that you cannot control. It’s really easy to focus on the parts you can’t directly control, forgetting that the things you can control can help the parts you don’t directly control.

Visitors to Your Site

You don’t directly control whether or not your website gets visitors. You can do everything possible to make it attractive to visitors and search engines, but sometimes that doesn’t bring in traffic.

You can control your link building activities. You can control your spending on pay per click advertising. You control whether or not you make videos or podcasts to bring in traffic.

You don’t know for certain if any of these will work or if any will suddenly quit working. But you can learn what makes them more likely to work for you.

With search engine traffic, expect that changes will happen sometimes. Your rankings go up, your rankings go down, your rankings fall into a deep, dark, dank pit leaving you wondering if you’ll ever see them again.

You can’t control that. You can try to influence with link building, but you can’t control it.

Even pay per click traffic you can’t control completely. You may get a new competitor or the algorithm that decides which ads get what space can change and you now have to rework your campaigns to go along with it. That’s online business for you.


You can’t control whether or not people will buy from you. You can have the best copywriting, the most useful products and the best price, and still a certain percentage will not buy from you.

You can use what information you have to improve the odds that people will buy from you. You can test ads, ad placement, the copy describing the product, and if it’s your own product, your shopping cart, the checkout process, everything to do with how people buy from you or through your links that you control.

Work on these factors that you do have control over to make the most of the visitors who might turn into buyers. Thats’ the control you have.

Life and Chaos

No one has complete control over how their life goes. Sometimes it’s easy. Other times obstacles throw themselves enthusiastically into your way and make it hard to run your online business the way you used to.

You can control how you meet these challenges. You can hire someone to help you so that even when things get a little rough parts of your business will keep on going with less input from you. You can ask for guest posts on your blog. You can plan for problems.

You can’t be ready for every contingency, but you can cut down the ways that you can be caught unprepared. Think of where you want your business to go and take steps to help it move in that direction.