Do You Have a Favorite Child?

This is one of those topics I think all parents think about here and there. Is one child preferred over the other in your family?

I always tell my daughter she’s my favorite daughter, and my son that he’s my favorite son. Generally this is when I’m cuddling them both, and I’ll say it one after the other. It’s a kind of game we play.

I know I’ve had to do a lot more for Gage, and with everything we’ve been through with him, it’s easy to worry more about him. Fortunately, I don’t think I neglect Ariel in any way. I make sure to have special time for each of my children.

Of course, Gage always sees me letting Ariel do things he can’t because he’s too little. And I know he gets jealous of that. It’s so easy to see.

I don’t think of either of them as an overall favorite. Gage clings to me more because that’s his nature as a two year old. Ariel is more independant and, frankly, stubborn. We all have a lot of fun together.

Do you ever catch yourself favoring one child over another?

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