Helping Your Kids Avoid Inappropriate Content

Information is so easily accessible these days. It’s great in some ways, but it can sure make parenting more challenging. Just try to protect your kids from things you don’t want them to see yet!

The best thing you can do, of course, is to be there with your kids when they’re likely to encounter problem content. That means rethink the computer and television in the bedroom. It’s much safer to have these out in the main areas of the home.

Yes, that does mean everyone is more likely to have to share, especially when it comes to television. It’s not that hard to have two computers side by side, but two televisions in a room are generally more of a problem than a solution.

Use good software if you like, but don’t rely on it to do your job. No software solution is perfect, and too many kids are quick to learn to get around it.

As for television, be as aware of what your children see you watching as what they watch. I had to work hard to get my husband to quit watching vampire movies or other inappropriate shows in front of the kids. I had to point out to him that some of the shows on the History Channel really aren’t that appropriate for preschoolers to see, even if their educational content would be great for older children.

Some things, of course, cannot be avoided. You’re going to have to explain some things. But if you’re aware of what your children are seeing you can limit this problem somewhat.

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