How Do You Get Publicity for Your Work at Home Business?

A business is nothing without customers. It’s obvious, yet getting enough customers can be daunting at times. And this is where publicity can help.

You may not feel right away that your business is something even your local news sources would be interested in. After all, you’re small. No story there, right?

tell the world about your home business


Newspapers often love doing stories on local entrepreneurs. Write up a press release on your business and send it to your local newspapers. You don’t have to aim for the national ones or for the broadest distribution of your press release. Local stories occasionally get picked up by bigger publications.

Keep your release newsworthy. You don’t want to write about your latest specials. You don’t want to write anything that sounds like an ad. You can talk about your new business or something new you are doing with your business. Include your contact information in your release at the end.

If there’s an association for your kind of business, join it! This is a good way to get connected with other people in your field, and sometimes to get media attention. If there’s a big story being done on your field, networking groups and associations are natural places for the media to look for people to interview.

If you like to write, consider offering to write for local newspapers or magazines. Ask that your business information be included as a part of your compensation. This not only gets your business name out there, it builds your reputation as someone who knows the field.

Articles written for this purpose should be relevant to your business, but not about your business. If you sell candles, talk about decorating the home, with a slight emphasis on how to use candles in home decor.

You have to offer genuinely interesting information. Even if you talked your way into having your articles published, if they aren’t of good quality you will quickly find that they are not being published, and the editors have no further interest in hearing from you.

One of the classic ways to get publicity is to give away things with your business information on it. Pens are pretty standard, but generally welcome. Others do very well with magnets or more unusual items.

The key to this is choosing items that people will look at and use, and hopefully other people will see them too. But at the very least you want something that will keep the recipient thinking about your business.

Word of mouth is also a wonderful way to get more customers. This is also one of the more challenging ways, but it can be done. It’s not just offering good service. That helps, but poor service is quite likely to get talked about and customers lost. What can help your business get talked about in a positive way is to have great promotions. Have a drawing with a good prize. Give away samples.

If you haven’t gotten publicity for your business yet, you may be amazed at the results. People trust what they read or hear about on television, especially if they feel the source is generally trustworthy. At the very least, you are getting a third party to talk about you. It’s well worth the time and effort to try for this.

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