How to Earn Money at Home When You Can’t Find a Work at Home Job

How to Earn Money at Home When You Can't Find a Work at Home Job

Finding a work at home job has never been easy. There are a lot of people out there looking for those jobs, and only so many jobs available. But sometimes you need the money but really can’t get a job outside the home while you wait for a work at home job to come available. You need to earn money at home now! It can be a tough situation.

How do you make money until you find more regular work you can do at home?

Garage Sale!

Having a garage sale is one way to declutter and get some money at the same time. You can clean out a lot of things you don’t need anymore with one garage sale. If you need to earn money at home quickly, a garage sale can be a great idea.

There are disadvantages of course. It’s kind of a one off. Once the stuff is sold, you don’t have any more to sell to make more money.

You’ll also be fighting off bargain hunters who just want stuff as cheap as they can get it. Figuring out when bargaining is worth it versus sticking to your price isn’t always easy.


If you have less stuff to sell, Craigslist is another good way to go. Some things go very quickly.

You may still have to deal with bargain hunters, but you may also get multiple calls on your listing. With any luck you’ll quickly know if standing firm on your price is going to work.

Try Freelance Writing

Serious freelance writers can earn some good money, but if you just want a little to tide you over until you get whatever kind of work you’re looking for, some basic freelance writing can bring in some money.

I have a list of more than 100 freelance writing gigs, and new listings come up regularly on my online job board.


What subjects were you good at in school? Do you think you could find a few students in need of tutoring? There are a number of places that hire online tutors, or you can put up signs at local schools or businesses if they will allow you.

Start a Home Business

Yeah, take a little risk. Or not. You could always go the free route with a Blogger or blog.

Running a blog may or may not make you any significant money, but it will keep you busy and may be good for your resume if you keep your blog relevant to the type of work you’d like to be doing. Show off your knowledge!

You may be able to earn a little from product recommendations with affiliate links. Make sure you have some sort of disclosure about affiliate and other relationships to products mentioned on your blog.

Most bloggers do not earn very much, but it can be worth a try. You can spend money on this if you want to, but if things are that tight, free may be the way to go. But hosting and a domain name aren’t much to spend if you can afford it.

Do Small Jobs on Amazon Turk

Many of these don’t pay so well, but the lower the pay the easier it should be.

Amazon Mechanical Turk is a program through where people ask for small jobs to be done. You complete it, they’re supposed to pay you. Just be sure that you accept the hit before you do the work so that someone else doesn’t beat you to it. It doesn’t matter if the job’s only going to take you a couple of minutes. You don’t want to waste your time and not get paid for something you did just because the opportunity vanished.


Can you think of something you can do quickly that someone will pay $5 for? It has to be quick, since that’s not a lot of money and you get 80% of it. Some people do very well on Fiverr, but for most it’s a side gig at best. Take a wander through the site and see what others have done.

None of these are things that are likely to become your regular source of income. Most people want more. But sometimes even small jobs are just enough to help you earn money at home until things get better. And if you try the home business idea and it takes off, well that would definitely be worth it!

Be A Delivery Driver

There are a few companies now that will hire people to make deliveries for them – it’s no longer just pizza places. Services such as DoorDash, InstaCart, and GrubHub all hire people to make deliveries. You can generally set your own schedule with these companies as well.

How well any of these services will depend in part on where you live. There will be more opportunities in areas with a larger population, as a general rule.

If nothing else works, try one of these quick ways to earn money. That post has some interesting ideas to help you earn some money, depending on your situation. Not all of the ideas guarantee you an income, but you may find some that will be worth the effort.

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