My son has been so cute about waiting for his new baby sister. Very excited, at least now that he’s well past the disappointment of when he first learned it was not to be a baby brother.

He’s been “writing names” for me.

It’s cute, really. He’s only 3, so he can’t really write, not even basic letters. But he scribbles all over each piece of paper and tells me that it’s a name for the baby.

My daughter, on the other hand, is determined to not let him have this fantasy. She keeps telling him that he’s not REALLY writing anything. It has been explained to her that it’s okay for him to play this game, but she keeps at her side of it. After all, she’s the big sister and she knows she’s right!

It’s hard to explain to a 6 year old why it’s okay for a 3 year old to imagine this… despite her constant insistence that she really, really is a princess from Narnia and expects to go back there any time now. You know how self centered kids can be. She keeps insisting it’s real.

But let her brother imagine his own stories? Horrors!

We’re getting there on easing this battle. They’re mostly really good with each other, but every here and there the battles do flare up.