How Can Pharmacists Work At Home?

How Can Pharmacists Work At Home?

When you consider pharmacy work, the idea of working at home may not come to mind right away. Surprisingly, there are remote pharmacist jobs available. That’s because pharmacists do more than count pills. So how can pharmacists work at home?

The simple answer, of course, is technology. You use a lot of it when working at the pharmacy already. A pharmacist at home uses a little more.

Most work at home pharmacist jobs require experience, usually a couple years or more. Employers want people who know the work, after all.

What Do Work At Home Pharmacists Do?

There are a few possibilities you can consider when looking for remote pharmacist jobs. Some are pretty obvious.

You could be a telepharmacist, for example. This is much like other pharmacist positions, in that you review prescriptions and provide remote patient consultations.

Pharmacists may do centralized order entry or remote order entry of prescriptions. This involves verifying prescription orders, confirming dosage recommendations. and making sure the medication is appropriate for the patient. Catching errors is important, just as it is in any other pharmacist job.

Remote pharmacists may also screen and verify prescriptions to ensure that they’re accurate and that there are no unsafe interactions with other medications the patient is on.

home office setup

Some positions may require that you get your pharmacist license in other states.

Your experience can also help you land freelance writing or consulting jobs. Get creative in your job hunt. You may even decide to leave the field entirely if the right opportunity comes along.

Who Hires Work At Home Pharmacists?

Remote pharmacists can work for a variety of companies, including insurance companies, online pharmacies, the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, clinical research, and more. Even some retail stores use remote pharmacists.

Often, the challenge is figuring out who is hiring work at home pharmacists in your area. Even companies that hire them won’t be hiring all of the time. You may need to be persistent.

Here are some places you can search for work at home pharmacist jobs:

Aetna – May allow for partial telework, such as three days in office and two at home, for established employees.

Cigna – Has a variety of work at home pharmacy positions. Some may require travel.

HCA Healthcare – Search for “work at home pharmacist” or “centralized order entry pharmacist.”

Humana – May offer work at home positions that require experience as a pharmacist. Search for pharmacist jobs, then check the Work At Home box.

Magellan Health – Clinical pharmacist positions may allow you to work at home.

PipelineRX – Offers telepharmacist positions.

Walgreens – May offer occasional work at home pharmacist jobs in certain areas. Most jobs are in stores, not remote, so pay attention to the details.

Sites Which May List Remote Pharmacist Jobs

What Will You Need In Your Home Office?

A completely private home office is vital for a work at home pharmacist. You’re dealing with people’s medical information, after all, and that means you need to respect all the laws dealing with that, such as HIPAA.

comfortable home office

Your home office will need a door you can close. Your computer may need to be dedicated to the job, and not used for other things. Appropriate security software is a must.

If you do consultations on video, your home office must present a completely professional appearance. Your employer will no doubt have standards for what you can have visible in the background, and of course, you can’t have background noise.

And finally, make sure your home office is as comfortable as the rules allow. Consider the ergonomics of your workstation. Put up appropriate decorations to make it a more comfortable space.

What Are The Disadvantages?

Now, one disadvantage of being a work at home pharmacist is that you don’t get that direct patient interaction, which some pharmacists value. You might talk to them on the phone or online, but it’s just not the same as being face to face.

The other disadvantage is that many view remote verification pharmacy jobs as where pharmacist careers go to die. I saw that many pharmacists have a very negative view of such work. Not all work at home pharmacist jobs are of that nature, however.

It is also possible that you’ll earn less in remote positions than you would in other pharmacist jobs. Only you can decide if the convenience of working at home is worth that.

Overall, if you choose wisely, finding a home based job as a pharmacist can be a good way to continue your career while being there a bit more for your family. You won’t be able to have anyone right there in your home office, but you won’t have that commute eating up your day either. If you can handle the challenges, it may be a good career move for you.

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