I was reading a guest post over at eMoms about why the guest (Susan Payton) is glad she works at home, and had to share too. After all, despite all the things I still need to get done, I have a lot of fun.

1. I can do silly things like make a graham cracker house with my kids.

work at home christmas

Got started on that one today. It’s kind of tricky since I forgot to borrow my mom’s cake decorating kit. That really complicates piping the frosting. However, a plastic baggie with a corner cut off does a sloppy but adequate job. I’ll post on the process probably tomorrow when the whole thing is done.
2. I was able to stay late at my daughter’s class today.

They got to wear pajamas to school and watch The Polar Express. Didn’t get to stay for the movie since my son was impatient, but we did sit and listen to the story being read.

3. I’ve missed most of the shopping crowds.

So nice to not be dealing with those crowds. I’ve loathed joining the crowds ever since I quit retail.

4. I can have fun making holiday treats.

It’s more than just the graham cracker house. But some things are surprises for other people. Besides, the more I think of them, the harder it is to avoid temptation.

5. When my daughter’s school break starts I can sleep in a bit too.

Not a whole lot, since my kids don’t sleep in. My son is up around 7 most mornings anyhow… if he sleeps in.

6. I can work around other people’s schedules.

Given the many schedules we have to deal with to handle extended family get togethers at this time of year, it really helps that I can go at just about any time.

7. I can think about business when I have a free moment.

It may seem like working too hard, but it’s so nice to be able to do just a touch of thinking about business when things are quieting down. I don’t feel bad about it, since it’s for me and my family. Doing my work is fun for me, and that I can mostly take a break from it, but still work if the mood strikes is really nice.

8. My kids really appreciate having me home.

Well, actually they’ve never known different. But earlier today I was able to lie down with my son for a little to help is nap get started. With all the exciting things going on he’s been trying not to take naps. I think they’d be shocked if they found out how different some kids have it. I think we’re all lucky.

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