Christmas is over and I’m back with this week’s Sunday links. A few from before Christmas too, since I skipped last week. I was too tired to deal with this last week, honestly, and many bloggers blogged quite a bit less anyhow.

Teach Your Way to Referrals – Once you think about it, this makes a lot of sense. Help other people to learn things you know, they will trust you. That’s when they’re likely to buy things on your recommendation.

Outrageous Credit Card Practices – Yes, credit card companies are continuing to be more and more outrageous as the economy gets worse and they face more problems.

The Limits of Frugality: What’s Next When You Can’t Cut Any More? – As more people get laid off, this is one of the things you need to think about. Frugality doesn’t solve everything.

The Affiliate Thermostat – Could you be keeping you from succeeding at the level you think you want? Many people do it and really aren’t aware of it. This applies to more than just affiliate marketing.

10 Surprising Side Effects to Money Management – Managing your money well has benefits for many aspects of your life, not just your finances.

The No-Cry Freelancing Solution – Freelancing is tough. How can you cut the frustration as you build your business?

How Much Money Do Bloggers Make Blogging? – Very interesting. Good to get a realistic idea as to what people really earn from their blogs.

This Year’s Theme Is Consistency – Not into resolutions? A theme for the year may be more your style.

Hand-Me-Down Clothes in the Post Hand-Me-Down Era: Consumer Protectionism Gone Too Far? – I’d say yes. In short, this article points out how the new CPSIA regulation is going to impact resale and thrift shops, not just people who sell new things. Way, way overboard!

Update: New Hope For Handmade Industry in Lead Law Exceptions – On the plus side, a touch of sanity may be headed CPSIA’s way. We need to keep this up, folks!