Is Your Personal Blog Working For or Against You? – A very good point not only for bloggers, but for anyone putting any personal information out there online. Think about what the impact could be on your future and your professional life. Teach your kids this too.

Is It Time to Drop Your Land Line? – If you just have to have your cell phone, maybe the land line should go instead. It doesn’t work for my case, as we have poor cell phone reception here, but it can be great for others.

40 Ways For WAHMs to Give Back This Holiday Season – We are the lucky ones in so many ways. Just think how many people would love to have the opportunities we do. Can you give back?

How to Manage Your Online Business During the Holidays – Great tips for this time of year. Also stuff I’ve been thinking about for when baby comes; an even crazier time.

My Etsy Highs & Lows so far… – Have you considered selling on Etsy? It’s a great place to get noticed, but there are pitfalls along with the benefits.

The One Sure Fire Way to Fail Miserably in Your Finances – Especially important if your family is facing tight economic times, as so many are.