One of the hardest things about working at home is the tendency for it to take over a great deal of your day. This can be true of work at home jobs, but it is far more likely to be true when you run a home business. After all, you don’t want to just drop things when business picks up.

But this is hard when you’re trying to be there for your family. Working more hours means less time with your children. What can you do?

One of the things that can really help is knowing when you need to hire someone to help you with your business. Think about getting a virtual assistant for those routine matters that don’t need your personal attention, for example.

Consider the other things that it may be more profitable for you to pay someone else to handle. Website design, article writing, product creation – all kinds of things can be outsourced, often to your fellow work at home parents.

As your children get big enough, they can be of assistance too. If you mail things out to customers, children can help with that. If you put up flyers, the kids can help there too. If your kids are old enough, you can start teaching them about marketing online, and get them to help you out there as well.

But if hiring the help you need just isn’t doing enough or isn’t in the budget yet, make sure you’re being practical. It may be time to consider using a bit of day care for the kids if that will help you to work more efficiently. That one can sting, since most work at home parents are doing it to have more time with their children, but it can be necessary. Fortunately, it can also help with productivity so that you don’t have to work so many hours because you are interrupted less.

If you run a service, consider raising your prices. This may not actually decrease the amount of business you get, but if you’re in more demand than you can handle, you can probably safely raise your prices at least a little.

Rethink your work schedule. If you work best in the morning, try getting up earlier. Similarly, stay up later if you work best at night. But try hard to avoid adding to the hours you work when your family is awake and needing you. Those are generally your least productive hours just because of the interruptions.

You should also talk with your family about the issues keeping you busy, especially when things are busier than usual. It’s hard for children to understand why you are so busy sometimes and why you can’t go do the things they would like you to do. Spouses can also get frustrated. Keep those lines of communication open so that you can decrease resentment.

Working at home is a wonderful advantage to your family in many ways, but it can have it’s disadvantages. Don’t let those make you miss out on what really matters to you.