Taking a Day Off for Family Time

I have to admit, I’m pretty much a workaholic when it comes to running my websites. I spend a lot of time on them. My husband is taking a week off his work this week, and I’ve been taking some advantage of it to get a little extra work time done. Not all day or anything, but a bit of extra.

But yesterday I took the day off for family time. We went to Big Bear Lake, which is only about an hour away.

It’s important to get family time when you run a home business. It’s really easy to get caught up in all the things you could be doing that maybe, just maybe, will help to increase your income. I’ve been having some relatively low income months lately, so the urge to work harder is strong right now.

That doesn’t mean I shouldn’t take appropriate breaks.

A good break with the family is refreshing. It gets your mind away from all the stresses of working. You might even quit thinking about it for a time as you have fun.

Taking time for family is something you need to do a bit of every day, and then have some serious family time at least once a week. You work at home for a reason, after all, and if you neglect that reason, why are you at home anyhow?

You don’t have to do anything exciting for your family time. You don’t even have to leave the house. Just be together. Eat together. Do chores together. Turn off the television and back away from the computers. Cell phones too, especially if you have kids who really love to text.

Make some family time a regular priority. Not just because you need a break from working but because your family needs time as a unit.

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