Some days it’s just about impossible to get it all done. Between taking care of the kids and working at home, running errands and so forth, getting time to do some plain old housecleaning is pretty difficult. However, it doesn’t have to be impossible.

Take a look at your expectations of yourself. Remembering that being a stay at home mom is the equivalent of two full time jobs, plus any work at home job or home business you may have, chances are your life is quite busy. A perfect house each and every day may be a bit much to ask of yourself.

That doesn’t mean you aren’t keeping a clean house. It can mean knowing how much mess to cope with when more important things are stacking up.

What matters most to you in keeping your house clean. Obviously, keeping a sanitary kitchen is a very high priority, but other priorities can be more by personal preference. Some feel the need to vacuum daily, while others can let it go longer.

One of my favorite tricks is to simply not try to get it all done in one shot. Five minutes here, ten there and you get a lot done throughout the day.

I do a lot of tidying up while cooking. Anytime whatever I’m making doesn’t need my direct attention is time that can be used other ways.

One of those tools I didn’t expect to appreciate as much as I do is my electric sweeper. My husband and I bought it when we were trying to find an easier way to keep the carpet under the kitchen table clean. It’s a pain bringing the vacuum out after just about every meal, but you know how messy toddlers and preschoolers can be when they eat. It’s nice to be able to use something lightweight to quickly clean things up, and it works well on the rest of the floor too. Easier on the back than a dust buster, too.

It also really helps to be organized. If you don’t have to find room to put something away, and you know exactly where it should go, it will take less time to get things put away.

Involve the kids. Your time with them does not need to be all play. Younger children love it when you make a game of cleaning up. Make it a race or find another way to make it fun.

Make sure the kids have age appropriate responsibilities. My daughter, at 4 years of age, can help to set the table, is expected to pick up her toys, help put away her dishes from the dishwasher (they’re plastic, so no worry about breakage) and loves to help make salads.

Don’t forget your husband, moms! If you’re working at home you need to make sure to get help around the house, just like you would expect help if you worked outside the home. Each couple has a balance that works for them, but make sure you tell him if he’s expecting too much from you.

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