What Are the Top Words Used in Fake Emails?

I subscribe to the Internet Crime Complaint Center’s email list to keep up on scams going around the internet. Most times, it’s not that interesting, but sometimes good stuff pops up. Such as this alert, which included a list of the top words used in fake emails. It originally came from Net-Security.org. You’ll have to scroll down the page a little to see that part, as a couple other alerts come first, but it’s interesting.

This is just a screen shot of the top 11 – it goes to 20 and I suggest you visit the page if you want to read more. They also discuss a type of phishing called spear phishing, which is where they know a bit about you from social networks, and use that to make their emails more legitimate to you. There aren’t a lot of details on the page, but then much of how you deal with scams is knowing that they exist. The details usually change so fast that by the time you learn how one scam goes, there’s a new one coming in. Still, it helps to know the symptoms.

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