Lots of people try to earn money from home. It sounds so easy. But as with any other kind of business, most don’t make enough to keep going. With the low costs of running most home businesses, why is that?

Unrealistic Expectations

This is the big reason. Many people start working from home and have big dreams because the ads they’ve seen about working at home are all about making big money. They make it sound so easy.

Simply put, it’s not.

There’s a lot that goes into running any successful business. You can’t start out expecting a life of wealthy leisure. That’s not the reality of any normal business.

You might make big money someday. You might not make big money ever. That’s reality.

Failure to Take Consistent Action

This often combines with unrealistic expectations. You get the information about how to start what sounds like a really amazing, easy home business online, but then you don’t do anything with the information.

Alternatively, you start to do something with the information, but get distracted by the next shiny new product release or business opportunity and never follow up on anything.

It takes significant, consistent effort to have a chance to succeed in any business. Doing things halfheartedly isn’t going to get you anywhere. Be determined. Work hard. Give the business you’ve started a fair chance before getting distracted by anything else.

Lack of Focus

This goes along with failure to take consistent action. Many people start more than one home business. That’s fine, it’s good to not have all your eggs in one basket, but only once you know what you’re doing with the first one.

It’s incredibly easy to have multiple websites or home businesses. They cost so little to start up that it seems like nothing to start a new one. What people forget is that all businesses have a high cost in time and in education.

If you don’t understand how to make your first business profitable, how are you going to do that with the second one, or the third? If you don’t know how to get people to buy from your first business, once again, how will you know how to get them to do that for your second or third?

It can be hard to know which idea of yours will take off as a viable business, but you need to give each one some time to see what you can make of it. You’ll learn much more quickly even if you decide to drop that one later.

The same can be said for how you market your business. While eventually multiple marketing techniques are a must, start out with just one. Really learn how to work it before adding in more.

Failing to Understand What People Want

You may love shiny orange widgets. You may think you make the best ones or that you’ve found the perfect source for them to recommend to people. But if not many other people love shiny orange widgets, your business probably won’t go anywhere.

You can argue that there’s a niche for everything, and you’d probably be right. Only problem is that not all niches are profitable. There are many products that don’t have enough people interested in them for you to run a viable business.

Worse yet is if you pick a target market but have no understanding of what it is they want from you. If you aren’t offering something that the people who visit your website want, you’re never going to make any money. Do your research and find out what attracts people to your niche, then figure out what you can sell to them.

Refusing to Spend Any Money on Your Business

A home business is much cheaper to run than a brick and mortar business. You don’t have many utterly vital expenses. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t spend anything at all to grow your home business.

That’s what many people do. They get a free website. They only do free forms of marketing. And they wonder why things are taking so long.

You can build your home business successfully while spending very little, but it’s likely to take much longer for you to succeed. That’s just the way it is.

It comes down to a choice. Would you rather spend more time or more money in building your business?

If you don’t have the money to spend, it’s going to take a lot more time for most people to succeed in any business. Have more money and you can start things off stronger and test out marketing strategies faster. You can hire help for the things that don’t need your personal touch.

Wisely spent money is a huge advantage for a home business. You can spend on carefully selected information to build your business, hire a virtual assistant to help move things along, spend on good website design, and so forth.

If you’re only spending time, you’ll have to learn to handle all these things yourself. Getting up to even a basic level can take months longer. That means you’re more likely to give up on the whole process.

What’s great about home businesses in general is that even if you’ve been making a mistake you may be able to switch things around and make it better. That’s why you need to network with other work at home moms and home business owners and learn from each other. There’s a lot to learn out there, from tips on how to get your business moving to just the right information to buy to keep your business growing.