Have you ever wondered what some of the more common phrases in work at home ads really mean? If you took most of them literally, you’d expect the entire world to be rich, just from the sheer lack of effort made in various home businesses.

Here are some common phrases and their probable true meanings… or at least my own interpretation of them.

No selling required!

It’s not selling if you just tell everyone you meet that it’s a great product, right? Your family, friends, acquaintances, coworkers, random people you meet on the street, kids, neighbor’s dog and so forth should be grateful that you take the time to tell them about these wonderful products. They will beat a path to your door if you do so.

No experience required

That’s right, no experience required, and you’re not going to get much in the way of experience here. Unless you count the life experience of losing money to a scam. That’s worth something, right?

Free money making website

Free website that we sell to all our suckers… err, members. Hope you don’t mind that it looks like every other member’s website.

Earn money in your sleep

Not going to happen until you’ve put in a ton of effort. You might even lose some sleep over it.

Free trial

Just give us your credit card information. Your trial will be up before you get the information you’re asking for in the mail. E-mail isn’t good enough for our information.

Get paid to type

All you have to do is type in ads to convince other people to fall for the same scam! It’s easy and you deserve to make the money you lost to us back somehow right? Bueller? Bueller?

Act now! Only x y slots open!

We don’t care that we can allow as many people as we want to download our electronic product. Matter of fact, we’ve done that already. But if you think we’re limiting our sales you might forget to do your due diligence. So hurry up, will ya?

Earn money on autopilot

Rather like earning money while you sleep. It can happen, but it’s not going to be as fast or as easy for most people as the ad claims… and it might not happen at all.

(Google) (Twitter) (other popular site) will pay you $x,xxx per month!

If you follow our instructions, you might manage to waste a lot of time, lose some money advertising, not to mention paying us, and have next to nothing for it. Sometimes we don’t even know who we’re pretending will be paying you. We trust you not to notice the mixups.

As seen on…

We bought an ad there once. We’re not exactly welcome back.