Are You Letting the Holidays Slow You Down?

This time of year can be quite challenging for keeping focused on your work. There may be school events to deal with, parties you’re invited to, family and friends wanting to visit, gifts to be bought and in general fun to be had. It’s not entirely conducive to being productive in your business.

Depending on what you do, that may not be an entirely bad thing. If your business drops this time of year you may feel justified in taking a break along with it.

And you certainly want to take the time to appreciate your family and friends. Life would be pretty boring without them. But how far should you take it?

I look at things a couple of ways. The first is to consider that time has to be made in life for enjoyment. The second is that even if business is slow there’s no time like the present to plan for the future.

That second part is what keeps me working hard whenever I can manage it at this time of year. I can see a difference in my traffic, but that’s just the kind of visitors I get being fairly busy at this time of year. Doesn’t mean I should slack off too much.

I’m spending a lot of time planning out what I want to get done next year. It’s a great time of year for setting goals. I’m planning blog posts and trying to figure out the best ways to increase my income.

And of course have fun. I’ll be making cookies with the kids, all the usual stuff.

There’s always the temptation to slack off more than a little, but that’s not a luxury I’m allowing myself just now. Too much to do and I still enjoy my work most days. Quite a bit in fact. I’ll just ignore the part about having a certain sweet young baby’s current fascination with my keyboard. Nap time and bed time can feel like a blessing some days. Her nap and bed times, that is.

This time of year figuring out that work-life balance can be even more difficult than usual for work at home parents, but it’s no less important to get it right. Most people can’t afford to vanish from one for the sake of the other. But a little shift to really enjoy the season isn’t a bad thing at all.

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