Are You Ready to be an at Home Medical Transcriptionist?

Medical transcription is a great work at home job but it has its challenges. This job requires more training than many of the other common work at home jobs. You can’t just apply and get a job.

The reason for this makes quite a bit of sense. You’re working on people’s medical records. You must know what you’re doing and you have to be exceptionally accurate.

So training is the first step, right?

Nope. The better medical transcription training programs available online won’t even look at you as a student unless you have certain skills already. You have to be able to type fast enough. 40 wpm is a good minimum, and you will want to speed up from there. You have to have an excellent vocabulary and grammar. You have to be able to pick up new terminology quickly.

Once you have those, then you can start looking at training. Depending on your needs you can consider an online program or check out your local community college for courses. You will want a high quality program as that is what helps you to land that first job. Take the wrong kind of training and no one will want to hire you until you have experience.

I personally recommend online training. For one it is the most similar to how you will be working at home. Training at a school is, well, training at a school. You aren’t learning as much about self discipline.

Online training also has the advantage that the best schools are well known to the major medical transcription companies. This improves your chances of getting a job as the companies know the quality of students these schools turn out.

Keep working on that typing speed, as many companies will want more than that basic 40 wpm that let you get into medical transcription school. Besides, the faster you work the more you can earn as most jobs are paid by the line.

If you work for a medical transcription company you may not need to buy any of your own equipment, assuming you have a computer already. Many companies will provide you with the minimum software, foot pedal and headphones you will require. If not, they will tell you what is compatible with their systems.

Before you get hired you will want to have a good place to do your work. You will want relative quiet. Maybe you want to work at home to have more time with your family, but when you are working you do need to be able to work in peace. Trust me.

The trouble can be that many doctors dictate very poorly, as though they don’t realize anyone has to understand what they say. Nurses who have gone into transcription have been known to be shocked at the difference. So don’t assume your children can play at your feet as you work. Find a quiet place in the house or work when the kids are asleep or at school.

If you are serious about a career in medical transcription your time getting prepared will not be wasted. You can earn good money as a medical transcriptionist and have highly flexible hours. But it’s not for everyone.

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