Creating content for your online business is challenging. It’s hard to come up with new ideas day after day. But have you thought about repurposing content you’ve already created?

I don’t mean rewriting the same article over and over again. It’s already hard enough to avoid that trap when you’ve been working on a topic for a while. You can easily forget some of what you’ve written in the past and write something new that is very similar.

But writing content isn’t the only game in town. You can repurpose content you’ve already created for use in marketing your site.


Some people love to learn by listening. It’s how they learn the best. You’ll need a microphone for your computer and some software such as Audacity to create it. There are many sites you can use to distribute your podcast. You can even share it on iTunes.

The tricky part is coming up with information that’s long enough to be interesting. That’s a rather different length from most articles written for websites. You may have to combine a couple to come up with a good length.


Sites such as YouTube are incredibly popular. They get millions of visitors looking for videos on all kinds of subjects. This is great since some people are very visual learners.

If you have Windows, you probably have Movie Maker already installed. Macs also have tools to help you make videos, and are generally better at dealing with high definition.

You will need either a good webcam or a small digital camcorder if you want to be in your videos. The Flip video camera is very popular.

You can in essence read your articles to make your videos. I suggest having visual aids when possible. If you’d rather not star in the video, you can make them be a sort of slide presentation, or do a product demonstration without showing your face. You have plenty of options.

Brainstorming New Content

If you’re struggling with new content ideas, repurposing what you already have is only going to take you so far. Eventually you’re going to have to come up with something new.

Brainstorming can be a big help. There are many ways to do this, and hopefully you’ve learned one in the past.

An easy way to go is to write down one idea. Then start expanding on it. This can generate several individual articles or even an article series. Just see where it takes you.

Reading other people’s content can also help. I don’t suggest copying, but see what it makes you think up. I recommend sitting on ideas generated this way for a few days so that your writing is not much influenced by whatever you were reading at the time. You want to be original.

Carrying a notepad and pen everywhere you go is also a help. This lets you be ready any time an idea strikes. You may not be able to write the whole thing at the time, but you can get main concepts down.

This one particularly helps if you sell a physical product that you can look at in local stores. Take a look at who’s buying what you’d like to sell. How is it presented. I wouldn’t take notes in the store, of course, but use your eyes.

A little repurposing, a little creativity, and bit by bit you can get past even a bad case of writer’s block and start creating content again. It’s a lot more fun than being stuck.