Blogger – Weekly Work at Home Job Idea

Starting your own blog is a pretty popular online business model right now, but it’s not the only way you can make money as a blogger. You can also do pretty well by blogging for someone else.

Often the pay is not that great, however. Many companies pay by ad revenue shares or by page views. But you can sometimes find hourly or per post pay.

Blogging for someone else’s site means you have less worry about the marketing side of things… although if you’re getting paid by the view or ad revenue you might want to make some time to market your posts.

Qualifications/Training Needed?

Many companies will want to see blog post samples that you have written. You should also have a strong interest in the topic of the blog and know how to find great information to share.

WordPress is the most common blogging software, and being familiar with it can be a big help. Be prepared to learn other systems if necessary.

Job Duties

Writing interesting blog posts is the most obvious part, but that is not all a blogger does. You often have to do a bit of research on your topic. You will probably be expected to respond to comments and encourage your community.

Equipment Needed

Probably just your computer and internet connection.

Where to Search for Jobs

Blogging job listings at Home with the Kids
Craigslist (beware of many, many scams!)
Hire My Mom
Home Job Stop

Related Scams

There aren’t many specific to blogging work at home job scams out there. However, you should always keep in mind that if it seems too good to be true it probably is. Don’t fall for outrageous promises.

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