Blogging on a Changed Schedule

The hardest part about trying to work right now for me is dealing with a changed schedule. Evenings are still my preferred work time, at least out of habit, but they aren’t currently my best work time.

I’m figuring this out bit by bit. It means a lot of changes in how I run my day. I’m thinking I need to blog and work earlier in the day, and read other sites later. That’s rough, as it means trying to blog with the kids awake.

On the plus side, things have been going well for my personal income, if still a bit rough for my family. If I can work things up just a little better, I can keep us in this house despite my husband being unemployed. That would be huge, although the COBRA health coverage is still a big issue for us. He’s looking at some retail jobs just to get some other coverage going, as well as income. I’ve told him to ask for afternoon/evening/weekend hours so that he can still easily interview if a good job comes along. Not good for family time, but for the long run it could be important.

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1 Response

  1. Vered says:

    I’m impressed. You are handling a stressful situation really well. I hope everything sorts itself out soon and that you are able to stay in the house.