Never let anyone say running a home business is dull. It’s not. It shouldn’t be, at least some of the time. There are dull things you have to do in any business, but you should love doing most of it.

But then there comes a crisis. Sometimes then another. And that’s how things have been around here.

Recently, it was my home business computer having trouble. A problem to be sure, but one I had planned for, knowing that computers are nearly as temperamental as cats.

Since Sunday, it’s been watching wildfires.

Wildfires within a few miles of me.

Two of them. Oak Glen and Pendleton fires, for any who have been keeping track on the news. But I’m not in a part of Yucaipa that’s had to evacuate or is likely to need it. I did leave for a while last night after spotting the Pendleton one, just until we knew where that one was going.

Yucaipa fire

Yeah, the air’s pretty awful outside, even though neither fire is headed in my direction. The winds have been kind to me.

Let me tell you, I’m getting pretty good at dealing with this kind of stuff. It was just about two years ago that we last had to evacuate due to wildfires. That was in Poway, not Yucaipa, but still. I still have a pretty good notion of what to grab fast.

My business computer is one thing. Not the monitor, keyboard, mouse or any other parts. They’re all easily replaced. In a big rush I would just grab the backup drive, as it’s fewer plugs to yank, but when I have time, it’s the whole thing.

Otherwise, clothes, important business papers, pictures, whatever can fit in the vehicle available with the kids.

You hope to never need to deal with a natural disaster hitting your home, family and home business, but it can happen pretty much anywhere. Having plans for what you’ll do is a big help in moving out fast.

For now I’m keeping the bug out bags packed, just in case we really do need to go for a while. I don’t expect to have to go, although air quality is making it tempting.