Do You Have to Stick to Positive Reviews to Make Money?

Writing reviews is a popular way for affiliates to earn money. Share your thoughts on the product, link to it, and you have a chance to earn money on the commissions from your referrals. It’s a model that makes giving every product a highly positive review tempting. But does this mean you should forget writing negative reviews on products that deserve one?

Reviewing a product negatively is actually a pretty good idea. If you rave about every product you review, it can be harder for people to decide if they can trust what you say. Honestly saying that you don’t like a product builds trust for those times you love the product.

Most reviews should get into both the positive and the negative aspects of the product. There just aren’t that many products that are 100% perfect. Maybe you would like to see one minor feature added or removed. Maybe it’s only good for beginners or for experts. Maybe it’s exactly the wrong shade of pink.

There are some important things to remember when you do a negative review. First and foremost is to keep things factual. No name calling or stuff like that which could get you in legal trouble. Stick to the features of the product. Be professional. You can still include your affiliate link if you so choose, even if you despise the product, since some people will buy anything, others will disagree with your review and like the product, and if the site has other products to buy, you may still benefit from the affiliate link.

This doesn’t mean you should choose products specifically because you can review them negatively. Look at the things that are interesting to people in your target market. If they don’t work the way your target market would want them to, those are the products that should get a negative review. If they’re good, give that positive review, with appropriate note of the parts that aren’t quite what you’d like.

Your time is probably best spent on reviewing products you can enthusiastically recommend. You want to keep offering value to your readers, and that most often means something they can use. But when there’s a product that a lot of your readers are interested in and you just can’t recommend it, say why! That’s giving value too

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